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Jamaican born Krystal has been singing since age 4, writing (gospel and R&B) since 12, and began recording her own songs at 16yrs old. 


Infused into all forms of art, she also dances with a local Caribbean dance group, and models at various events throughout Toronto. Some of her most memorable accomplishments thus far:


  • wrote an original song entitled "Not Alone" for the Mental Health documentary 'The Blind Stigma' (produced by Stacyann Buchannon).

  • Miss Canada Globe 2007

  • First Canadian to place in the top 5 in the Miss Globe Pageant held in Albania in 2008

  • Face of Jamaica for the 2015 Panam games held in Toronto

  • Performed with Dance Caribe Performing company in the Finale of the 2015 Panam Games.


Krystal was also a member of the girl group, "Sonata Rose", and continues to work with some of Toronto's top Studios and producers.

 Krystal has had the opportunity to sing/write/and record with and for many artists that have come out of Toronto, and has decided, after years of life experiences, now is the time she is ready to share some of those projects; old and new! 


Stay tuned for the soft, sultry sounds of ...Krystal.

"A true diamond in the rough of a
world under pressure."

                                                             - The Hook & Co.

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